Press Pen: Balmain Show Review

Press Pen: Balmain Show ReviewPress Pen: Balmain Show ReviewPress Pen: Balmain Show ReviewPress Pen: Balmain Show ReviewPress Pen: Balmain Show ReviewPress Pen: Balmain Show ReviewPress Pen: Balmain Show ReviewPress Pen: Balmain Show ReviewPress Pen: Balmain Show ReviewPress Pen: Balmain Show ReviewPress Pen: Balmain Show ReviewPress Pen: Balmain Show ReviewPress Pen: Balmain Show ReviewPress Pen: Balmain Show ReviewPress Pen: Balmain Show Review

Dear Pennies,

What does one say about the French couture house that is Balmain? As a fashion blogger/writer, it is my job to critique and study fashion. But, how does one critique the fabulosity that is Balmain? Most of the show reviews I have done for this blog have been emerging multicultural designers. In essence, the Balmain show was my first official couture fashion show. After seeing it, I sat in an amazed silence like: “wow, that’s how it’s done.” I will definitely still focus this blog on the emerging international and multicultural designers but I must admit it was lovely to see high end fashion.

For those who don’t know, Christophe Decarnin is the designer of Balmain. The collection consisted of strong shoulder jackets which were a mixture of gold and black sequins. The arm lengths varied between three quarter length and full arm length. I also loved the jeans because they were very well made but they looked comfortable enough to wear throughout the day.


Balmain Ready-to-Wear (



Balmain Ready-to-Wear (


The couture dresses from the house’s beginning in 1946 to the present day were also shown. These dresses literally made my jaw drop. That’s how gorgeous they were. My favorite piece was the black two piece outfit with the black hat and white mink shaw. The outfit was definitely one of Balmain’s early pieces and was most likely a product of Pierre Balmain himself.


Balmain Couture (


There was also an incredible beige, crème, and brown gown. It just seemed to float as the model walked down the runway. There was also a black gown that was beautiful but it wasn’t until the model turned around to walk back down the runway that you saw the white and blue embroidery. I know that detailed work must’ve taken the seamstress hours. If only, I knew her name, smh. Overall, the collection was beautiful and it’s definitely a memory I will cherish. Check out the pics of the dresses and also a short video of the final walk. Please excuse the sound in the video.


Balmain Couture (



Balmain Couture (



Balmain Couture (



And there it is. The Fashion and Style of the Pen…de la Pen.

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