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Press Pen: Royal Elastics Product Review

[youtube=] Check Out Royal Elastics Here: Buy Royal Elastics Here (Remember 40% Off All Women’s Shoes & Apparel and 30% Off 3 Items or more):

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Press Pen: de la Pen’s Finest Inkings

Dear Pennies, As you know, Thanksgiving is just two days away in essence, we are officially in the Holiday season. I don’t know about you but the stress of the year is starting to take its toll and so I am taking a brief break from de la Pen. I’ll be working on some background […]

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Press Pen: Interview with Peter Lamas, Best Selling Author and Beauty Guru

Dear Pennies, Last week, I had the pleasure of interviewing best selling author and beauty guru, Peter Lamas. Peter Lamas came to New York from Cuba in the early 1960s, and began his career in hair and makeup not too long after that. Peter trained with Paul Mitchell at Vidal Sassoon and Kenneth to become […]

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Press Pen: Shout Out Saturday: As Lele’s World Turns

Dear Pennies, I’m participating in a community of bloggers who shout each other out every week. This week, I am shouting out jewelry designer and blogger, Lele. Lele has two blogs, one for her personal views on the world (As Lele’s World Turns) and the other for her jewelry line (Fine Art of Jewelry). I […]

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Press Pen: Sabon NYC SoHo Boutique Opening

Dear Pennies, It’s Press Pen here to report on the opening of Sabon NYC’s SoHo Boutique. The private event took place on Tuesday evening. First off, I must say that this was truly one of the better events I’ve been to, and trust me, I go to a lot (as you can see on this […]

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Press Pen: Whooga Ugg Boots Giveaway!

Dear Pennies, It’s Press Pen here to report that Whooga Ugg Boots is giving away a pair of Whooga Ugg Boots at the end of the month! For those who don’t know, Whooga Ugg Boots are becoming a popular alternative brand of Sheepskin boots because of their Thermafleece foot bed. In fact, for the past […]

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Press Pen: LoudPen/de la Pen #SHAMELESSPROMOTION

Dear Pennies, I just wanted to announce two recent LoudPen/de la Pen press mentions. First off, I interviewed Fashion Photographer, Constance Victoria for Issue #10 of Style Sample Magazine. Style Sample is a magazine about independent style all over the world. With articles and images by and about fashion bloggers, photographers, illustrators, and designers, Style Sample […]

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Press Pen: Dream BIG: How Fashion, Uzbekistan, and Gulnara Karimova Inspired Me

Dear Pennies, On September 9, 2010 my life changed. That day, I attended my first ever Fashion Blogger Conference and my first New York Fashion Week. On the way to the Involving Influence Fashion Blogger Conference, I remember riding the subway listening to Jazmine Sullivan’s song, “Dream BIG”. As I always do, I began to […]

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Press Pen: Art Week General Défilé by Dom Stilya (House of Style) Show Review

Dear Pennies, The last and final runway show at Art Week was the General Defile by Dom Stilya which means House of Style. The show featured the top ten designers from Dom Stilya and also Gulnara Karimova’s Guli Collection. The designers from Dom Stilya include: Elina Hairullina, Arten Drobyshev, Yasmin Vakhidova, Markhamat Umarova, Saodat […]

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Press Pen: Art Week: Festival of National Dress Show Review

Dear Pennies, During Art Week, I also saw the Festival of National Dress Fashion Show. This fashion show was a collection of 16 collections by 18 local emerging Uzbek designers and the main headliner the Guli Collections by Gulnara Karimova. The collections showcased native Uzbek fabrics and traditional national dress. For this post, I […]

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