Press Pen: Whooga Ugg Boots Giveaway!

Press Pen: Whooga Ugg Boots Giveaway!Press Pen: Whooga Ugg Boots Giveaway!Press Pen: Whooga Ugg Boots Giveaway!Press Pen: Whooga Ugg Boots Giveaway!Press Pen: Whooga Ugg Boots Giveaway!

Whooga Ugg Boots

Dear Pennies,

It’s Press Pen here to report that Whooga Ugg Boots is giving away a pair of Whooga Ugg Boots at the end of the month! For those who don’t know, Whooga Ugg Boots are becoming a popular alternative brand of Sheepskin boots because of their Thermafleece foot bed. In fact, for the past four years the brand has been the fastest growing Winter footwear brand. Additionally, the brand is internationally trademarked meaning they are gaining a following all over the world.

Whooga Ugg Boots Thermafleece Foot Bed

Whooga Ugg Boots is all about warming toes but at an affordable price. I’ll admit that in the past I criticized Ugg Boots but that was because of their price tag. Now that I have found a more affordable but still quality alternative, I’m jumping on the bandwagon. As a New Yorker, I need warm boots when hiking on the subways and tramping through snow. In essence, I’ll be placing Whooga Ugg Boots on my Christmas wish list and you should too.

Check out Whooga Ugg Boots’  website to enter to win the giveaway. You enter the giveaway by subscribing to the Whooga Ugg Boot newsletter. Lastly, if you don’t want to wait to win the giveaway, Whooga Ugg Boots has provided de la Pen Pennies (readers) with a 10% off discount for the next week. Below is the website for Whooga Ugg Boots and the Promo code for de la Pen Pennies.

Whooga Ugg Boots:

de la Pen Pennies 10% off Discount Code (valid for the next week): 920LOUDEST

And there it is. The Fashion and Style of the Pen…de la Pen.

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  1. sunnydelyte21 November 22, 2010 at 12:30 PM #

    I have been a fan of the moon boots..but maybe I should give them a far shake. HMM?

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