Designer Discussion: Robb & Lulu

Designer Discussion: Robb & LuluDesigner Discussion: Robb & LuluDesigner Discussion: Robb & LuluDesigner Discussion: Robb & LuluDesigner Discussion: Robb & LuluDesigner Discussion: Robb & LuluDesigner Discussion: Robb & LuluDesigner Discussion: Robb & LuluDesigner Discussion: Robb & LuluDesigner Discussion: Robb & LuluDesigner Discussion: Robb & Lulu

Dear Pennies & Pens,

For this week’s, Designer Discussion, I wanted to share an amazing emerging Australian based brand, Robb & Lulu. “Robb & Lulu” consists of Robert Zagame and Lulu McDermott who are a Melbourne, Australia based design team. Both Rob & Lulu have been fashion lovers for most of their lives and together they have created a fresh, colorful, & stylish fashion line.

Blue Paradise dress by Robb & Lulu

Pink Paradise dress by Robb & Lulu

Rob designs the garments while Lulu designs the illustrations and the fabric. Basically, the way it works is that Lulu sketches the design onto a drawing pad then once the sketch is finished, the inks, water color wash, colored pencil or paints is applied to the sketched design. The design is then input into a computer so that the design can be edited digitally. After this the design is sent to an Australian printer to be printed onto the actual garment.

White Summer Top with Black Mini Skirt by Robb & Lulu

I was able to attend a press preview for Robb & Lulu last Tuesday and I saw the entire collection and it is truly unique and oh so fabulous! The prints are all beautiful vibrant colors and there are an assortment of items to chose from. I’m definitely partial to the mini dresses and the printed t-shirts. In fact, I’m super excited to be featuring Robb & Lulu in a photo shoot for my company, The Network‘s {Fashion.Art.Music} Magazine.

Essentials by Robb & Lulu

City Slicker dress by Robb & Lulu

In essence, make sure you guys check out Robb & to purchase items from the brand & also check out the Robb & Lulu on Facebook Page for more updates & make sure you follow Robb & Lulu on Twitter as well. I’ll definitely be sure to share pictures from The Network’s shoot featuring Robb & Lulu once it’s done.

And there it is. The Fashion & Style of the Pen…de la Pen. 

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