Happy Thanksgiving, Celebrate with Pen’s Favorite Things (Shoes Edition)!

Happy Thanksgiving, Celebrate with Pen’s Favorite Things (Shoes Edition)!Happy Thanksgiving, Celebrate with Pen’s Favorite Things (Shoes Edition)!Happy Thanksgiving, Celebrate with Pen’s Favorite Things (Shoes Edition)!Happy Thanksgiving, Celebrate with Pen’s Favorite Things (Shoes Edition)!Happy Thanksgiving, Celebrate with Pen’s Favorite Things (Shoes Edition)!

Dear Pennies & Pens,

Oh god, my shoes. What would I EVER do without my shoes?! I love my shoes more than any man I’ve ever dated. I mean Cher Horowitz (Alicia Silverstone) once said, “I mean you know how picky I am about my shoes and they only go on my feet” #andthereitis #PenStyle.

Below you’ll find my black, white, teal color block pumps — I’d tell you where I got them but I honestly don’t remember. Yes, it’s been that long, lol. Next to those, you’ll see my Vince Camuto black pumps. I got those on sale at Lord & Taylor and really haven’t stopped wearing them since. The final shoe in that pic are my Aldo flats. These I just got but they are so dope and comfortable.

Colorblock shoes, Vince Camuto, Aldo

In this next pic, you’ll see my yellowish gold, red, magenta Aldo heel sandals. These shoes are fabulous. I’ve worn them many times and though they are only two block radius shoes (only walk 2 blocks in these or face serious regret) they are fantastic. Next are another pair of shoes by Vince Camuto (notice I’m very brand loyal, once I find one I like I keep coming back), these have a blue tip on the toe, the main part is pink, and the heel is black. I love these because it’s a great example of color blocking on a shoe. Lastly, are my pale pink Via Spiga pumps. I actually got those at the now defunct Cincinnati (my hometown) based Parisian. They were on sale and years later when I moved to NYC I found out that Via Spiga was a huge Italian brand, who knew?!

Aldo, Vince Camuto, and Via Spiga

The boots in this picture are my “comfy” boots. The ones you wear when you just want to relax and chill. On the left are my very well worn Coach hiking boots. They are about 2 sizes too big but I love them and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. On the right are my Sorel boots. I was supposed to feature them awhile back and never got the chance. But they are my go-to rain/snow boots as they are super warm.

Coach and Sorel Boots

This next picture has my sneakers. On the left are my Coach sneakers. I rarely take these off, in fact, I’ve practically worn out the soles. They are so chic, comfortable, and they go with everything (at least in my head they do). Also included are my Royal Elastics shoes. The cool thing about these are they have no shoe laces just an elastic band to keep the shoe on. I reviewed the brand when I first started de la Pen, and I’ve been wearing these nonstop.

Coach and Royal Elastics sneakers

Lastly are my “tall” boots. These are the boots I wear when I’m feeling stylish but need to stay warm. On the right are my “vintage” caramel boots. These boots actually belonged to my mom once upon a time and have now been passed down to me. According to my dad, he bought them for my mom in the 70s so I love the fact that these have lasted the test of time. On the left are my INC boots from Macy’s. These are so tall, chic, and just well…EVERYTHING. And even with that high heel, they can be worn for hours. Alrighty, off to the next post!

Vintage boots and INC boots from Macy’s

And there it is. de la Pen…All Pen Everything.  


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