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Press Pen: HoustonPress Artopia 2014

Dear Pennies & Pens, As you all hopefully know, I’m currently living in Houston, TX. If you didn’t check the post out here. Prior to Houston I had been living in New York for five years so obviously Houston has big shoes to fill as far as events. I mean while in NYC, I went […]

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Press Pen: Of Whonder — a Fresh and Fabulous Fashion Brand

Dear Pennies & Pens, As I stated in my last couple of fashion posts, there are plenty of brands out there. But as many brands as there are few are made for my Pennies with a little extra love on their curves. Although, I can’t seem to gain any weight, I have plenty of curvy […]

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Designer Discussion: Creative Director & Designer Durrah Khalil Talks Design, Jewelry, and Travel

Dear Pennies & Pens, There are many designers and brands out there, but not all of them would make an interesting interview subject. It’s just an unfortunate reality. That’s why I’m always selective about who I interview. And today’s interviewee Durrah Khalil, the Creative Director and Designer of Durrah Jewellery is not only interesting but […]

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Press Pen: Katy Perry — The Prismatic World Tour

Hey Pennies & Pens, You probably don’t know this but I am a big fan of Katy Perry.  I think she’s super fab and I always like her songs. I’m excited to announce that Katy Perry has just announced her Prismatic world tour. The tour will kick off June 22nd in Raleigh, North Carolina. The […]

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Press Pen: 31 Bits uses Fashion and Design to Empower People To Rise Above Poverty

Dear Pennies & Pens, With so many fashion and accessory brands in the world, it seems that the fashion world is more driven by the almighty dollar. Like any other business, fashion brands need to make money. But at whose expense? The consumer, the designer, or the product? It seems the more a brand is […]

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Press Pen: SOL Republic RELAYS Headphones Product Review

Dear Pennies & Pens, Recently, I had the opportunity to test some new headphones by a brand called SOL REPUBLIC. The headphones are called RELAYS are mostly for outdoor and sports use but they can be used indoors. As it states in the press release, “With Relays, we introduce FreeFlex™ technology, which is wrapped around […]

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Pen’s Rhythm Nation…Dylan Starrs Releases Double EP “The Swill to the Swell”

Dear Pennies & Pens, A few weeks ago, a lovely treat popped up into my inbox. It was news of LA based Singer/Songwriter Dylan Starrs‘ upcoming double EP, The Swill to the Swell. I am happy to announce that the EP has arrived. For those of you unfamiliar with Dylan Starrs, let me offer you a proper […]

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Pause. These People DIED — Brittany Murphy, Michael Jackson and more

Dear Pennies & Pens, So last night I was watching Clueless for what seemed to be the millionth time when it hit me that Brittany Murphy is dead. I know that Brittany died almost five years ago in 2009 but it’s one of those things that you never really believe. I mean I saw it on […]

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Now Let Me Ink That Page: Why I Don’t Censor Myself on Social Media

Hey Pennies & Pens! What is going on? Lately, I’ve been coming across posts where other bloggers, PR reps, etc discuss what one should and should not post on social media. The main advice that is constantly given is to “clean up one’s social media profiles” as prospective or current employers or clients could be […]

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Pen’s Rhythm Nation…Why I Actually Like BANGERZ by Miley Cyrus

What up Pennies & Pens?! So clearly I’ve been planning to write all week…but I kept having other tasks to take care of on top of the fact that I honestly didn’t feel like writing. I’m sorry if that makes me sound bad or lazy. But I just don’t like to publish any old thing […]

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