Wino Wednesdays: Sweet and Sassy Moscato by Middle Sister Wines

Sweet and Sassy Moscato (Image from Sweet and Sassy Moscato (Image from
Sweet & Sassy Moscato by Middle Sister Wine with brie and crackers Sweet & Sassy Moscato by Middle Sister Wine with brie and crackers
My Sweet & Sassy Moscato by Middle Sister Wines My Sweet & Sassy Moscato by Middle Sister Wines

Dear Pennies & Pens,

So if you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I’ve been posting more photos of wine and food. I recently realized that I am a major wino and I’ve been a self proclaimed #skintyfatgirl for awhile now. Since de la Pen…All Pen Everything is an international and multicultural online lifestyle magazine, I figured writing posts about wine and food would be a cool addition. In essence, I present to you a review of Sweet and Sassy Moscato by Middle Sister Wines.

About a month ago, while shopping in Target, I purchased Sweet and Sassy Moscato by Middle Sister Wines. This wine was phenomenal! It fit its name perfectly because the wine was definitely sweet and the cover image is sassy. I loved this wine because while it was sweet, it wasn’t too sweet and it had a crisp, refreshing taste.

Middle Sister Sweet and Sassy is premium California Moscato.  The wine is the sweetest in the Middle Sister portfolio with 4% residual sugar, 12% alcohol and crisp acidity for a light and refreshing taste.

My Sweet & Sassy Moscato by Middle Sister Wines

Sweet & Sassy Moscato by Middle Sister Wines (Photo by @LoudPen)

I paired it with with brie and crackers and it was a lovely snack. Sometimes, a Moscato can be too sweet to be paired with cheese but the Sweet & Sassy Moscato was the perfect balance with the brie. The  Sweet & Sassy Moscato was a splendid partner for the brie which has a rich taste and the crackers that while buttery can be dry. I truly enjoyed it and will be making this a routine.

Sweet & Sassy Moscato by Middle Sister Wine with brie and crackers

Sweet & Sassy Moscato by Middle Sister Wine with brie and crackers (Photo by @LoudPen)

As far as Sweet & Sassy Moscato by Middle Sister Wines, it is an innovative product. Why? Because, Middle Sister Wines is owned by Canopy Management and Canopy Management created the Sweet & Sassy Moscato through a crowd-sourced campaign asking its 10,000+ digital community “The Wine Sisterhood” to help name the wine and identify the image on the label. Since the Wine Sisterhood felt it was important to recognize diversity, the image of the label is a woman of color. How cool is that? A wine company creates a new wine after surveying its digital community and then makes the main image a woman of color!

Even better, the Sweet and Sassy Moscato was debuted at Blogalicious Weekend in Miami Beach, Florida. Blogalicious is a conference dedicated to celebrating female voices of diversity in the blogosphere. Terry Wheatley, The Founding Mother of Middle Sister Wines says, “The Wine Sisterhood believes wine should taste good, be a fair value, and make life more enjoyable for anybody who chooses to partake.  Before we launched Sweet and Sassy Moscato, we brought her picture across the country and asked women of all backgrounds and ethnicities what they thought of her.  Our wine sisters unanimously agreed that is was important to recognize the diversity of women who love wine. That’s why we have made a sister of color the face of our new wine. ”

Sweet and Sassy Moscato (Image from

Sweet and Sassy Moscato (Image from

In the midst of Black History Month, I am glad to see that brands are about diversity and inclusion. Please check out Middle Sister Wines as they have many more wines and cool projects happening here: Also follow The Wine Sisterhood on Facebook: WineSisterhood  and  Twitter: @WineSisterhood

And there it is. de la Pen…All Pen Everything. 

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  • Rebel Red

    So happy you liked my sister! She loves cheese, so your pairing was a great choice.

    By the way, Middle Sister is on Facebook ( and you can tweet with me @RebelRedMS, too!

    – Rebel Red
    Official Spokeschick, Middle Sister Wines

    • de la Pen

      Sure no problem! Thanks for the comment Rebel Red. I already followed your social media & will definitely be checking out other middle sister wines! Thanks 😉

  • Joseph Farrell

    I would love to try this wine !!

    • de la Pen

      Yes, you should! It’s amazing. Thanks for the comment!