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Kelly Rowland Kelly Rowland "Talk A Good Game" Album Cover
Kelly Rowland Kelly Rowland "Here I Am" Album Cover
Kelly Rowland Kelly Rowland

Dear Pennies & Pens,

I have always loved Kelly Rowland, her style, her music, it’s all just so flyy. I featured Kelly years ago in an old. Today, I wanted to talk about Kelly’s music.

Since Destiny’s Child disbanded, Kelly has released 4 solo albums. Simply Deep (2002), Ms. Kelly (2007), Here I Am (2011), and Talk A Good Game (2013).

Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland

However, people don’t talk about Kelly’s music that much and it drives me nuts because it’s so dope! Kelly has a beautiful voice that should be celebrated. I like Kelly’s music because it’s contemporary R&B. It’s soulful but fresh. My favorite albums are Here I Am and Talk A Good Game.

I could listen to these joints all day. They both just rock. It’s smooth sailing straight from your speakers. Let’s start with Here I Am. This album begins with the track “I’m Dat Chick”, it’s got crazy swag, next there’s “Work It Man”, this track has dope lyrics and a sick beat, y’all already know about “Motivation” so I won’t go there.

Kelly Rowland "Here I Am" Album Cover

Kelly Rowland “Here I Am” Album Cover

Then we get to “Lay It On Me” a track that features Big Sean whose flow is on fleek, from there we get some female empowerment on the me-timesque track “Feeling Me Right Now”, “Turn It Up” makes you want to do just that #turnup.

“All of the Night” is a slow track for cozying up with your boo, but don’t tell anybody because next we get “Keep It Between Us”, however we still gotta dance so skip to the next track “Commander”. Finally, we end on “Down For Whatever” because we’re down for whatever so let’s get creative.

Kelly Rowland "Talk A Good Game" Album Cover

Kelly Rowland “Talk A Good Game” Album Cover

Talk A Good Game is Kelly’s latest release. On this album, Kelly is all grown up. This album is super sexy, but it’s still thoughtful and most importantly, it has soul. It’s got its own heartbeat and Kelly gives it life with her voice. My favorite tracks include: “Kisses Down Low”, “Talk A Good Game”, “Down on Love”, “You Changed”, “Street Life”, and “Stand In Front of Me”.

Truthfully, I could listen to the whole album backwards and forwards all day. But those are the tracks that stand out the most. To wrap this up, I just wanted to talk to you, my dear Pennies & Pens about why I love Kelly’s music. Make sure you keep up with Kelly here:

And there it is. de la Pen…All Pen Everything. With us, keeping it real never goes wrong.

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