8515 Presents Pensgiving: An Introduction

Pensgiving Banner (Created by LoudPen) Pensgiving Banner (Created by LoudPen)
Pensgiving Logo (Created by LoudPen) Pensgiving Logo (Created by LoudPen)

Dear Pennies & Pens,

It’s ya girl LoudPen here to give you the inside ink on one of 8515’s latest projects…Pensgiving. Pensgiving is the “Pennies & Pens” version of Friendsgiving. In essence, it’s about bringing multicultural millennials together to nibble on some tasty eats, sip on good dranks, and meet cool peeps. Basically, we’re going to kick off our shoes, relax our feet, and party on down to this Xscape beat. Because a party ain’t a party until it’s ran all through it.

Pensgiving is committed to helping attendees connect with genuine people and build lifelong friendships. Why? Because adulting is basically impossible unless you have good friends around you. Good friends are people who will give you a ride to work when your car breaks down, let you come over and do laundry, as well as listening to you bitch and complain about the same thing over and over again.

Pensgiving Logo (Created by LoudPen)

Pensgiving Logo (Created by LoudPen)

Pensgiving was created by 8515 because we believe that good people are hard to come by these days. Like people who are humble, say please and thank you seem to be few and far between. So we wanted to create an event that celebrates humility and authenticity. In essence, we chose to do this event the Saturday before Thanksgiving because that’s exactly what the holiday is all about…being thankful and connecting with friends and family.

Each year, we’re going to honor one Penny or Pen that we believe embodies the spirit of the event. Meaning we’ll be putting the spotlight on one person who is humble, kind, talented, and intelligent. This person will receive a special gift as well as our recognition. This year’s honoree is Sarah Ranola, a Dallas based Chef and Entrepreneur. We’re honoring Sarah because she is truly the definition of a good friend. Sarah is the type of friend who is always there for you, the kind of person who will make you laugh and teach you to enjoy life.

Pensgiving Banner (Created by LoudPen)

Pensgiving Banner (Created by LoudPen)

The inaugural Pensgiving theme is the 90s. Therefore, we’ll play 90s Hip-hop and R&B music; additionally, we’ll play a 90s trivia game as well as 90s games like Monopoly, Uno, and Sorry. As far as the agenda, we’ll start with appetizers and drinks, then have dinner and dessert.

In between dinner and dessert, we’ll give a brief bio on who we are and what we do, then we’ll share 3-5 things we’re thankful for. After dessert, we’ll play 90s trivia and games. Once that’s done, we’re gonna tell ya: “You ain’t got to go home but you gotta get the hell up outta here”. Sike nah! We just playing. We love you, Pennies & Pens.

Want to know what went down at the inaugural Pensgiving?! Stay tuned for the next post!

And there it is. de la Pen…All Pen Everything. With us, keeping it real never goes wrong.

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