Penny’s Ink: The LOUD Issue

Dear Pennies & Pens,

Welcome to The LOUD Issue. This issue of de la Pen is very near and dear to me because it’s my most personal issue yet. This issue includes a post on what I’ve learned after 8 years of being a Lifestyle Blogger + Entrepreneur, why I went natural, why I became a Vegan, and much more. There’s also a post where I recommend my favorite Fall albums and a silly post where I outline the 5 traditionally white roles that Idris Elba should play.

Overall, this issue is pretty dope if I do say so myself. I am really working on making my content more useful and valuable to you, the reader. But at the same time, I want y’all to have fun. Hence why I’m still writing posts that are lighter in nature.

LoudPen, Photo by Alexa Vossler

LoudPen, Photo by Alexa Vossler

When I first started working on the production schedule, I had originally planned to do other posts. But after thinking about it, I realized that this issue should be more personal and tell you guys more about me. I’m a private person so it’s hard for me to talk about myself. However, I know that by sharing more about myself, the things we feature and write about here on de la Pen will make more sense to you.

For example, I’m Vegan and have been for 3 years. That’s why most of the restaurants we visited in Cali were all Vegan or had Vegan options. So when creating this issue, I knew I wanted to talk about why I became a Vegan because I’ve never really talked about that in public.

Cruising thru Cali Graphic

I also wanted to talk about my natural hair journey because it has truly been a journey. Going natural wasn’t easy and staying natural hasn’t been easy either. So in that post, I talk about why I went natural and what I’ve learned. In future posts, I’ll be sharing my hair routine and products I like to use.

The Fall albums post is dope because I love music. I’m seriously a music snob. I only like high quality music so I wanted to share music that I think fits the mood of Fall. Since I plan to release my own compilation hip-hop and R&B album, I want everyone to know how much I truly love music so it will make sense why I created my own album.


The Idris article is just for laughs. I love me some Idris Elba. I have been in love with that man since Daddy’s Little Girls. So that post is a part of the issue just because. There’s no other ink about it. Last but not least, there’s a post that introduces my new book, The Loudest Pen Ever because what kind of entrepreneur would I be if I didn’t promote my own shit?!

So click around and see all the latest ink. I promise you won’t regret it.

Love, peace, and hair grease


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