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#MakeUrPenLoud: How To Collaborate with Travel Brands

#MakeUrPenLOUD: How To Be A Lifestyle Blogger Inked by LoudPen (Photo credit: Megan Weaver)

Dear Pennies & Pens, in this post we offer advice on how to collaborate wih travel brands.

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A Penny for Your Thoughts: The Realities of Being a Broke Black Girl Part Deuce

Me (Penny) posing for the AFRO series. Photo by @thebenchmarc

Dear Pennies & Pens, I deleted the original post and started over. I lost my train of thought and the ink was just randomly spread throughout the page. It just didn’t make any fuckin sense. So I’m trying again. I hope I get it right this time. To update you on my last post, I’m […]

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Coming Soon To A Page Near You: Penny in Portland

Combo Plate from Homegrown Smoker (Image by LoudPen)

Media Visit Dear Pennies & Pens, For some reason, I have always dreamed of visiting Portland, Oregon. I guess it’s because as a millennial, I grew up playing Oregon Trail and learning about the pioneers’ life out west. Since I’m really into history, the state of Oregon has forever fascinated me. This past May, I […]

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Coming Soon to a Page Near You: Cruizing thru the Mile High

Media Visit Dear Pennies & Pens, In April 2019, my sister from another mother and I did something EPIC. We went to Denver, Colorado. I can’t take credit for it because it was all my sister October’s idea. That’s why we made our collaboration official and I brought her on to Team ISLP as a […]

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