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Riding Loud in Dallas with the 2017 Mazda6

2017 Mazda6 (Image by LoudPen)

This post was created in collaboration with Mazda Dear Pennies & Pens, Earlier today, Mazda’s team came and picked up the 2017 Mazda6. I felt so sad because it felt like the end of an era even though I only had the car for a week, haha! But no seriously, I truly enjoyed my time […]

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8515 Presents InteleTravel

Sponsored Post Dear Pennies & Pens, I am so thrilled to be working with my amazing sister Carnice to create and launch a content marketing campaign for her InteleTravel business! Some of you may remember that last year, we planned a retirement party for our mother. If you missed that post, check it out here: […]

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#MakeUrPenLOUD: One Year Anniversary

#MakeUrPenLOUD: How To Be A Lifestyle Blogger (Photo Credit: Megan Weaver; Styling by LoudPen)

Dear Pennies & Pens, First off, I cannot believe this day has come. It’s officially been one year since ISLP released my book, #MakeUrPenLOUD: How To Be A Lifestyle Blogger! It seems like just yesterday that my agency, 8515, hosted Flavor’s Night Out. We officially launched of ISLP and JBC at Flavor’s Night Out so […]

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LoudLife: #QuietPen

LoudPen in Pen.Style: #MakeUrPenLOUD (Photo credit: Megan Weaver; Styling by LoudPen)

Dear Pennies & Pens, The last two months have been CRAZY!!! Like I literally don’t even know where to begin. First off, I just got my laptop back about two weeks ago. Yes, you read that correctly, I was without a computer for over a month! In this post, LoudLife: #QuietPen, I talk about my […]

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Live LOUD: Figure out who your real friends are

Created by The InkSpot

Dear Pennies & Pens, As you all know, I relocated to Dallas from Houston back in November. Prior to that, I lived in several different places because I grew up in Cincinnati, went to college at Hampton University in VA, then I moved to New York where I lived for 5 years before moving to […]

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Now Let Me Ink That Page: The Next Chapter

The InkSpot Logo (Designed by Cacha` Lopez)

Dear Pennies & Pens, The last few weeks have been pretty blah for me personally. I’ve been feeling kind of drained. To top it off, I don’t know what my next step is. I want to write the next chapter but I can’t seem to find any ink for my pen. Oddly enough, I know […]

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Why I Wrote #MakeUrPenLOUD: How To Be A Lifestyle Blogger

#MakeUrPenLOUD: How To Be A Lifestyle Blogger Inked by LoudPen (Photo credit: Megan Weaver)

Dear Pennies & Pens, Last year, I wrote and published my first book #MakeUrPenLOUD: How To Be A Lifestyle Blogger. The book was published by my company, The InkSpot. In fact, the reason I created The InkSpot was to centralize all my creative projects. Today, I would like to present to you, Why I Wrote #MakeUrPenLOUD: […]

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Pen’s Flicks: It’s Dope Not Whack TV

Dear Pennies & Pens, I’ve been told that I like whack tv. But I’m here to tell you that it’s dope not whack tv. It’s dope because it’s high quality entertainment that teaches you something. Sometimes, it’s a little cheesy but that’s just so you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. That said, I’m going […]

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LOUD.Life: I hate Valentine’s Day but I love Events

LoudPen (Image by LoudPen)

Dear Pennies & Pens, First off, this month has been insane for me! I have been going to a bunch of different events to network, promote The InkSpot and 8515 as well as observe the event so that I can write about it here on de la Pen…All Pen Everything. That said, today, I wanted […]

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Press Pen: Puma and Shiekh Shoes Celebrate The Launch of The Puma Black History Month Collection

PUMA Black History Month Collection (Photo credit: Charles Jim-George)

Dear Pennies & Pens, A few weeks ago, I was browsing through a Facebook group that I’m in when I discovered that PUMA had created a Black History Month collection. I thought this was super dope because you don’t see many mainstream brands acknowledging Black History. That said, I knew I had to feature the […]

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