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Now Let Me Ink That Page: de la Money


Dear Pennies & Pens, Whaddup doe?! It’s ya girl LoudPen back and LOUDER than ever. I’m sure over the past few months y’all have been wondering where I disappeared to. For those that have been reading this B-L-O-G for awhile, you know that I also own several businesses. I am CEO of ISLP, a lifestyle […]

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Pennies & Pens Presents HIDDEN FIGURES

Dear Pennies & Pens, I am pleased to announce the launch of Pennies & Pens Club as well as our inaugural event, Pennies and Pens Presents HIDDEN FIGURES. For this exclusive event, we will be meeting up to see HIDDEN FIGURES. Afterwards, we are going to head to Kona Grill for Reverse Happy Hour (9-11pm) so […]

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8515 Presents Brand Consultations

8515 logo (Designed by Cacha` Lopez)

Dear Pennies & Pens, 8515 provides brand consultations. During our customized consultations, we offer you advice and tips on how to grow your brand and business. Our consultations consist of a 1 hour conference call in which we offer tailor made advice. We are able to provide original tips because we interview you prior to […]

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8515 Presents Pen.Style

Client Cassidy Alice during 8515 Pen.Style Consultation at Nordstrom in Dallas, TX (Image by LoudPen)

Dear Pennies & Pens, There’s a cliche` that says “it’s what’s on the inside that counts” but we all know that’s NOT true. As soon as you walk into your job, church, or an event, people start judging you based on how you’re dressed. In essence, if you want to be viewed in a positive […]

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8515 Presents InteleTravel

Sponsored Post Dear Pennies & Pens, I am so thrilled to be working with my amazing sister Carnice to create and launch a content marketing campaign for her InteleTravel business! Some of you may remember that last year, we planned a retirement party for our mother. If you missed that post, check it out here: […]

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Mix n Mingle: An 8515 Production

Mix n Mingle, an 8515 Production (Created by Cacha Lopez)

Dear Pennies & Pens, As you all hopefully know, my agency, 8515, produces events. Last year we hosted Flavor’s Night Out in New York. At Flavor’s Night Out, we launched two original brands JBC (Jewels by Cacha`) and ISLP (The InkSpot). If you missed that post, please feel free to check it out here: Flavor’s Night Out […]

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#MakeUrPenLOUD: One Year Anniversary

#MakeUrPenLOUD: How To Be A Lifestyle Blogger (Photo Credit: Megan Weaver; Styling by LoudPen)

Dear Pennies & Pens, First off, I cannot believe this day has come. It’s officially been one year since ISLP released my book, #MakeUrPenLOUD: How To Be A Lifestyle Blogger! It seems like just yesterday that my agency, 8515, hosted Flavor’s Night Out. We officially launched of ISLP and JBC at Flavor’s Night Out so […]

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LoudLife: #QuietPen

LoudPen in Pen.Style: #MakeUrPenLOUD (Photo credit: Megan Weaver; Styling by LoudPen)

Dear Pennies & Pens, The last two months have been CRAZY!!! Like I literally don’t even know where to begin. First off, I just got my laptop back about two weeks ago. Yes, you read that correctly, I was without a computer for over a month! In this post, LoudLife: #QuietPen, I talk about my […]

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8515 Presents: K. Jones

K. Jones Jewelry (Image from

Dear Pennies & Pens, So a few weeks ago, I attended the Flea Style event here in Dallas. This event was truly fabulous and I met so many cool people! One of the people I met was Jewelry Designer, Kendra Jones. Kendra was a vendor at the event, there to sell her beautiful handmade jewelry. […]

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8515 Presents: Style Follows Her

Style Follows Her (Image from

Dear Pennies & Pens, So as you all hopefully know, I attended the Pin Show at The Bomb Factory here in Dallas back in February. If you missed the post, check it out here: Press Pen: The Pin Show. While there, I started chatting it up with Shantaquilette Develle who is also a Lifestyle Blogger. […]

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