Press Pen: Interview with Fabio Fasolini of Studio FP

Press Pen: Interview with Fabio Fasolini of Studio FPPress Pen: Interview with Fabio Fasolini of Studio FP

Dear Pennies,

While I was in Taskent, Uzbekistan covering Art Week, I had the pleasure of meeting Fabio Fasolini today’s interviewee. Fabio has been in the fashion industry for over twenty years and for the past eighteen years he has been President and CEO of Studio FP, a photography, video, and artist production company based in Italy. When I first met Fabio, the first thing that I noticed was that he is a proud Italian who was raised in Milan. Although, I haven’t been to Milan, I have been to Venice, Florence, and Rome and I must say Italy is one of my favorite places to visit. Italy is full of culture and art and they are masters of their craft.

For my interview with Fabio, I asked him about what Studio FP does, how to set up a fashion photo shoot, and who he likes to work with and why. Being that Fabio has worked with photographers like Patrick Demarchelier, Eddy Kohli, and fashion magazines like Italian Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Marie Claire in addition to having done the Armani Advertising Campaign, I figured that it would be great to get some knowledge from an industry veteran. With no further adieu, Fabio Fasolini of Studio FP.

Fabio Fasolini at Art Week 2010

DLP (de la Pen): What is your title/role at Studio FP?

FF (Fabio Fasolini): I am the president and CEO

DLP: What are your main duties?

FF: To get in touch with the photographers and clients. My company represents photographers,directors, and organizes productions all over the world for avertising campains and fashion magazines. We also produced short movies and a feature movie called ”Southern Belles”. I organize exhibitions in museums and produce photography books, you can see what we did in our website

DLP: What fashion magazines and ad campaigns have you worked on for Studio FP?

FF: Fashion magazines: Italian Vogue, Grazia, Io Donna, Marie Claire, Sur La Terre, In Town, Amica, Vanity Fair, Gulliver ect ect

Campaign: Armani, Ferragamo, Agnona, Krizia, Damiani, Breil, Fendi, La Rinascente, Sony ect ect

DLP: Which project was your favorite and why?

FF: I created a huge photography exhibition featuring photography by Albert Watson, Maroc. Form, by Patrick Demarchelier “Behind the end of the world” by Peter Beard”, “Cuba” by Eddy Kohli and 45 minutes “Ill etait un fois Essaouira” which won “Mediterranea festival”.

DLP: Who are your favorite people to work with and why?

FF:  I enjoy working with Patrick Demarchelier, Albert Watson, Eddy Kohli.

DLP: Can you briefly explain how to set up a fashion photo shoot?

FF: Let’s say if the location is in a studio or outside and it’s editorial or advertising.

First, contact all the model agencies to make a casting, the photographer has to choose one make up artist and an hair stylist or even more depending on the number of the models, . The assistant photographer orders the equipment and lights.

The day of the shooting.

The models get make up and hair, and then dressed, upon the direction of the photographer and the fashion editor.the photo assistants set the lights and prepare the equipment uon the direction of the photographer.

And then you start the shooting.

DLP: Do you have any advice for young people trying to break into the industry?

FF: Make a lot of tests in studio and location to get experience, and don’t try to imitate or copy a famous photographer style.

DLP: How did you make a successful career in the fashion industry?

FF: I have always try not to make only commercial works, but create also artistic work like books and big exhibitions.

DLP: What are Studio FP’s plans for the future? Any new exciting projects?

FF: Studio FP will continue to edit photographers books of important photographers with the collaboration of important art direction Ciapani & Toretti and artistic consultant Naima Zeghloul.

And there it is. The Fashion and Style of the Pen…de la Pen.

Check Out Studio FP’s website here:

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