Model Mondays: Damaris Lewis…Model & Journalist

Damaris Lewis Damaris Lewis
Damaris Lewis Damaris Lewis
Damaris Lewis Damaris Lewis
Damaris Lewis for Yves Saint Laurent Damaris Lewis for Yves Saint Laurent
Damaris Lewis for Yves Saint Laurent Damaris Lewis for Yves Saint Laurent
Damaris Lewis for Yves Saint Laurent Damaris Lewis for Yves Saint Laurent
Damaris Lewis Damaris Lewis
Damaris Lewis Damaris Lewis
Damaris Lewis Damaris Lewis

Dear Pennies,

Let me first say that today, I was facing some serious writer’s block. I didn’t know which model I wanted to profile and why. I started searching the blogs, twitter, and google and somehow I ended up on where I discovered Damaris Lewis was ranked number two by Modelinia readers. I’ve known of Damaris for awhile and I think she’s stunning but she’s definitely underrated as far as modeling goes.

Damaris Lewis

Damaris has been modeling for about five years now, and she’s done ad campaigns for Yves Saint Laurent and Victoria’s Secret PINK. She also appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. Since Damaris is only 20, she still has time to grow as a model. However recently, Damaris seems to be making a shift to journalism. This past fashion week, Damaris partnered with Essence to interview designers like Tracy Reese backstage.

Damaris Lewis for Yves Saint Laurent

Damaris Lewis

I applaud Damaris for stepping out of her comfort zone and trying something new. Most models do eventually experiment with other aspects of fashion but that’s usually done after modeling; Damaris is using her current name recognition to build a journalist portfolio and cover exclusive events. She’s also using Twitter to interact with her audience which we know can help one build their brand. Follow her @DamarisLewis.

I believe that Damaris can and will succeed as a journalist and anything she else she puts her mind to. Please be sure to check out Modelinia for a profile on Damaris and links to all her videos.

And there it is. The Fashion and Style of the Pen…de la Pen.

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