Press Pen: Salon Series by Ouidad at Sephora

The Salon Series by Ouidad The Salon Series by Ouidad
The Salon Series by Ouidad The Salon Series by Ouidad
Breakfast at Breakfast at "Salon Series by Ouidad" at Sephora
Breakfast at Salon Series by Ouidad at Sephora Breakfast at Salon Series by Ouidad at Sephora
Salon Series by Ouidad Salon Series by Ouidad
Salon Series by Ouidad Salon Series by Ouidad
Salon Series by Ouidad Salon Series by Ouidad

Dear Pennies & Pens,

Earlier this week I went to a press preview for the “Salon Series by Ouidad” at Sephora. For over 25 years, Ouidad has been creating innovative hair treatments for all hair types. Ouidad does specialize in hair products for curly hair but with such amazing products, I’d recommend it for any hair type. Ouidad has a flagship salon in New York and this is where the Salon Series products originated. However, Ouidad recently partnered with Sephora so that the products can be purchased to be used at home.

The Salon Series by Ouidad combines advanced technology and natural ingriendients to create healthy hair. In essence, the Salon Series by Ouidad includes products that treat both the hair and scalp. Ouidad – the owner of Ouidad a stylist and pioneer of curly hair personally forumalted each treatment. The Salon Series by Ouidad includes three different products.


The Salon Series by Ouidad

The first is the “Omega 3 Replenishing Hair Treatment” which is a great product for dry or damanged hair because it increases shine and softness as well as nourishing the hair shaft and healthy hydrated tresses. The second product is the “Mediterranean Bay Leaf Exfoliating Hair & Scalp Treatment” this product is amazing because it exfoliates the scalp meaning it gets rid of excess build up, soothes the scalp, and improves the scalp’s condition. The third and final product is the “Biotin Lightweight Hair Serum”. This product is to be used at night and is for weak or brittle hair because it repairs damaged hair resulting in healthier, stronger, and fuller hair.


Breakfast at “Salon Series by Ouidad” at Sephora


While at the event this week, I snapped the photos of the breakfast and the products above. I also tweeted “I love being a fashion/beauty blogger” because I get to go to Sephora before it opens!” LOL. Seriously, I had a fantastic time at the event and I was happy to be there. Additionally, I have personally tried all three of the “Salon Series by Ouidad” products after receiving them at the event and I loved them! Please check out my video review of the products by watching the video below!


And there it is. de la Pen…All Pen Everything. 


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  • Alexxus

    Let me go on qvc and see if they have the big bottles of wen shampoo

  • de la Pen

    Yes you definitely should! These products are amazing. My apologies for the delayed reply, I thought I had responded to this comment.