Pen.Point: The Seasoned Traveler…Lone Star Court Review

Lone Star Court Hotel Room (Photo by LoudPen)Lone Star Court Hotel Room (Photo by LoudPen)Lone Star Court Hotel Room (Photo by LoudPen)Lone Star Court Hotel Room (Photo by LoudPen)Lone Star Court Hotel Room (Photo by LoudPen)Lone Star Court Hotel Room (Photo by LoudPen)

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Dear Pennies & Pens,

As you all hopefully know, this past weekend, I visited Austin, TX and stayed at the Lone Star Court. Lone Star Court is a retro inspired hotel that opened just before Christmas 2013. As I mentioned in my first post on Lone Star Court, I have always loved staying at hotels.

It’s a fun experience as you get all the benefits of home without having to do any of the labor. To me, traveling is a must for anyone who is able as you need to explore your horizons and get to know new things. Traveling teaches you to appreciate life, and it allows you to gain new experiences and perspectives.

Lone Star Court (Image Courtesy of the Valencia Group)

Lone Star Court (Image Courtesy of the Valencia Group)

But what good is traveling if you’re staying in a crappy hotel? That’s where Lone Star Court comes in. This hotel is fabulous! The decor, the architecture, the setting, the room, everything is perfect. It’s like someone took the finest care to plan every single detail of the hotel.

While there, I met another one of the hotel’s guests and we had a whole conversation about the hotel, its amenities, and the location. We were both just enthralled with the hotel and had no complaints.

As a Brand Manager, I have used social media and PR tactics to build and grow brands from the ground up. Lone Star Court is a hotel that has clearly taken great care in perfecting its branding efforts. Most of the items in the room are branded with the logo, like the coasters, the sheets, the shower curtain, all have that logo.

This may seem insignificant but it’s not. Placing the logo in so many places reminds guests of where they are staying so they don’t ever forget. And it does this without being obnoxious.

Lone Star Court Hotel Room (Photo by LoudPen)

Lone Star Court Hotel Room (Photo by LoudPen)

So what was it actually like to stay at Lone Star Court? It was comfortable as the beds and pillows were just phenomenal. Like it was so comfortable, I don’t remember falling asleep. The shower was also heaven as the shower head was larger giving you what felt like a in-shower massage.

I also liked the bathrobe, it was super comfy and a nice amenity. There was also a fully stocked fridge that was a mint green and it was 1950′s style refrigerator.

Lone Star Court Hotel Bathroom (Photo by LoudPen)

Lone Star Court Hotel Bathroom (Photo by LoudPen)

Lone Star Court Hotel Shower (Photo by LoudPen)

Lone Star Court Hotel Shower (Photo by LoudPen)

I ate at the hotel’s restaurant, The Water Trough, and the food was amazing. I also ate at the food truck, The Feed Store, which is right by the hotel. The food there was also quite tasty. I should also mention that the hotel is in The Domain which is a shopping area filled with all sorts of stores and restaurants. In essence, the location of the hotel is pretty cool.

Also, on Fridays and Saturdays there is a live band, you can sit on the patio and listen in or sit inside in front of the band. The only downside of my stay was that the WiFi was kind of slow. But since I didn’t spend much time in the room, this didn’t affect me much.

Lone Star Court Couch (Photo by LoudPen)

Lone Star Court Couch (Photo by LoudPen)

Lone Star Court Pool and Patio (Photo by LoudPen)

Lone Star Court Pool and Patio (Photo by LoudPen)

Lone Star Court (Photo by LoudPen)

Lone Star Court (Photo by LoudPen)

Overall, I definitely enjoyed my stay and I would highly recommend staying here. Lone Star Court also has very friendly and helpful staff so they made my stay even more pleasant. So with all the value this hotel offers as far as amenities, it is definitely worth checking out on your next trip to Austin.

For more info on Lone Star Court, visit their website: Also check them out on social media, Twitter: @LoneStarCourt Facebook: LoneStarCourt and Instagram: LoneStarCourt

And there it is. de la Pen…All Pen Everything. 

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Disclosure: This post contains a press sample. de la Pen…All Pen Everything received a complimentary stay for the first night and media rate for the second night. All opinions are those of de la Pen…All Pen Everything. See the full disclosure policy here: Disclosure and Copyright Policy


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