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Dear Pennies & Pens,

As I said in my previous post: Pen.Point: The Seasoned Traveler and Lone Star Court – A Retro Inspired Hotel, I love staying in hotels and traveling! I love seeing new places and experiencing new things. One of my homeboys even said that I “live that young Sexy & the City life” which made me feel super fabulous! I’m blessed to have traveled to Europe, the Bahamas, Central Asia, and all around the US.

This past Summer, my best friend from college and I reconnected and we started talking about how much we love traveling. I told her that since I transformed de la Pen…All Pen Everything from a fashion blog to an online lifestyle magazine, I am featuring a variety of content. We talked about traveling and writing about the various restaurants, hotels, shops, and events in the places we visit.

My friend suggested that I create a travel series and called it “Seasoned Traveler.” I loved that title but of course as a Brand Manager, I had to add my own spin and so I added “Pen.Point.” And voila Pen.Point: The Seasoned Traveler was born! (Click here to see the original Pen.Point posts).

Me (Pen) on Halloween as Janet Jackson in Poetic Justice

Me (Pen) on Halloween as Janet Jackson in Poetic Justice

So what is Pen.Point: The Seasoned Traveler? Pen.Point: The Seasoned Traveler is a travel series that features unique travel and hospitality brands. The purpose of Pen.Point: The Seasoned Traveler is to showcase travel and hospitality brands that can enhance the lives of “Pennies & Pens” aka readers of de la Pen…All Pen Everything.

Throughout Pen.Point: The Seasoned Traveler, de la Pen…All Pen Everything will be pin pointing or recommending hotels and hospitality brands that readers should visit while in the respective cities featured in the series. Pen.Point: The Seasoned Traveler will feature blog post reviews and live social media updates about the brands featured. 

Pen.Point: The Seasoned Traveler will feature hotels, restaurants, and spas in the US as well as abroad. The first cities to be featured in Pen.Point: The Seasoned Traveler are Houston and Dallas. As you all hopefully know, I relocated to Texas at the end of last year. If you didn’t read about it here: Now Let Me Ink That Page: New Year, New Beginnings, New Home.

Me (Pen) Live Blogging in NYC

Me (Pen) Live Blogging in NYC

For Houston, I attended the Culinary Carnival this past Sunday and I’ll be going on a staycation at Hotel Icon on July 19th. I also plan to check out other cool locations and events in Houston. Then August 22-24th, I’m going to be staying at the Omni Dallas, and having a facial done at V Spa.

I’m super excited about this series and I truly believe it’s going to be a cool project! Stay tuned by following me on social media and of course checking de la Pen…All Pen Everything.

And there it is. de la Pen…All Pen Everything. 

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