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A couple years of ago, one of our contributors Bran the Don featured a few of emerging independent artists. One of those artists was Kuul. I am so excited to say that Kuul has done a fantastic job of keeping in touch with us! Over the years, I’ve touched base with Kuul about his projects so I’m excited to finally be collaborating with him directly.

Kuul is so talented, it’s not even funny. He has truly found a way to “Link with Legends” fusing old school flava with contemporary classic. He’s so nice on the mic son! Listening to Kuul gives me hope for the new generation of Hip-hop artists. Kuul understands how to be himself and celebrate those who came before him.

Even better, Kuul is extremely humble and offers some truly thought provoking responses in the interview below. He makes you think and laugh all at the same time. So with no further adieu, I present le magazine noir: Kuul.

Where are you from?

Southside, Jamaica Queens, NY

What school did you go to? 

Living university. I always learned more from life than any school in the education system.



How has being black influenced you as an artist?

I am a descendant of Kings. There’s no escaping that influence.

Do you talk about what it is like to be young and black in your music? Why or why not?

All the time. “I’m black and in America that’s the only reaction, expected of a ni**a like I”.  A line from my record titled “I Need That” soon to be released. Being young and black already sets you at a disadvantage in this world (Society), to not talk about it would be me acting as if I didn’t experience my life from birth to now.

Which you rather be known as…a young artist or a young black artist? Why?

I’d rather be known as an artist period. We don’t call Basquiat a “black artist” we just recognize his melanin and the excellence he protruded.  You can’t look in my face and not see that I’m black and I’m young but I’m not a youngin’ at 25 years on this earth. Also I create music from a black place so to speak but I make that music to relate to and reach individuals from all races.

Kuul (Image courtesy of Kuul)

Kuul (Image courtesy of Kuul)

What inspires you to make music?

Life. I’ve waken up everyday of my life since I was born. That’s a lot of days and even when two seemed similar there weren’t two alike. There’s a lot to express from experience in that time, my form of expression just so happens to be music. Shouts to everybody expressing in whatever form, writing, painting, filming, whatever shouts to all the artists in the world. We dope af.

What made you decide to pursue music?

I feel like music was meant for me and I was meant for music. I accidentally walked in my school’s auditorium in 4th grade one day after school because I heard mad noise. I walk into the room I hear the noise coming from and it’s my schools band putting together their instruments getting ready to practice and rehearse.

The instructor a black guy I forget his name apologies cause he’s instrumental in my story, nonetheless he walks up and he asks “ you play an instrument?”. I replied “no”. He then goes “ hold on I got the perfect instrument for you, he comes back opens the case, puts together a clarinet and says “take this home and come back tomorrow same time”, from there it was history.

Kuul (Image courtesy of Kuul)

Kuul (Image courtesy of Kuul)

Tell me more about your creative process as far as how you make music? Do you create from your laptop, smartphone, or do you choose to go the old school route…creating music in the studio? 

It’s a mixture of all three lol. I have a setup of my own which I use to record the basis for all my songs, I write on my phone if a book or notepad isn’t available and when I’m done I’ll usually throw a mix on it on my macbook.. From there once I feel I have a solid composition I’ll take it into the studio old school style and produce the finished product.

Which of your songs is your favorite and why? 

Anyone in my camp will tell you they’re all my favorite, every new song I make I’m always like “ yoo this is the one! This the best one!”. My guy Mike Loudy told me to show him one I don’t like, I can’t. If I had to tho right now I would have to go with the record I have with Statik Selektah “L.W.L [Link With Legends]”. The whole record is fire but that third verse is guuly.

Kuul (Image courtesy of Kuul)

Kuul (Image courtesy of Kuul)

Who would you love to collaborate with? (dead or alive) 

A lot of people. There’s a lot of talent in this industry. Right now I’d have to say alive artist wise I would love to work with Hov, Nas, The Lox, Weezy, T.I., Wale, Drake, and the list goes on a lot of talent and creativity. Producer wise I cant wait to link with Dre, Pharell, Timbaland, Zaytoven, Metro… too much heat. And dead I would of loved to work with of course B.I.G, Pac, Pun, Big L, Micheal Jackson, and give me a record with prince!. Man music has produced greatness in this world.

What do you think of the current hip-hop scene? Is it dead? Why or why not? 

People still rap, a multitude of people still mention hip-hop, the legends still alive are thriving, and the fans still can’t get enough of it. Hip-hop is still very much alive just feel the pulse. The current scene of hip-hop is what the last change in scenery was and what the next change in scenery will be. A change.

It’s not what you’re used to but that’s also because it’s not coming from the people you’re used to hearing. The crowd and their ears change which means what’s produced ultimately will follow. That’s life.

Kuul (Image courtesy of Kuul)

Kuul (Image courtesy of Kuul)

Tell me about upcoming projects that you are working on?

I have my next project “The Offering” dropping very shortly. It will be my second body of work and it will be my life’s offering to my fans, my supporters and those ears my music falls on right now. It’s a very special project to me as they all are and those to come will be and it’s me taking you through this journey all expressed in music. After the project I have something coming for the summertime.

My vault is deep and it continuously expands so I’m going to start feeding the people a lot more and get out of my perfectionist ways. I like things to be the best they can be before I present them but ultimately that leaves the listeners starving sometimes and out the loop and I haven’t served them enough just yet to afford that luxury. The Offerings on the way.

The Offering (Image courtesy of Kuul)

The Offering (Image courtesy of Kuul)

Keep up with Kuul’s latest here: Kuul on Soundcloud, Twitter: @KuulYork, and Instagram: @KuulYork

And there it is. de la Pen…All Pen Everything. With us, keeping it real never goes wrong.

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